Dance by Ashley, Oslo

Dance by Ashley har studio på Ensjø i Oslo, Ensjøveien 10a, andre etasje

  • Tel: +47 923 02 972
             Egyptian Oriental Dance with veils.                        8-ukers kurs med Ashley; med start 18.august. Søndager kl 13-14, Ensjø i Oslo. Klikk på bildet så kommer du til eventet på Facebook


         Get excited for a fun night of performances and creativity! This event will be full of different artists and colors to feed your creative soul! Aside from a beautiful evening of performances, we also encourage all guests to come in a Halloween costume. We will have prizes for those that are voted ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Most Creative.








Klikk på bildet så kommer du til eventet på Facebook



Christina Stjernholm, Egyptian Drills – Siri, Tahitian Hula- Ashley, Egyptian Veils

To reserve your spot, contact Ashley via facebook or


About Ashley!
Having grown up with a mother as a ballroom dancer, Ashley began dancing at the age of 4 and teaching dance in NYC in 2010. Ashley began belly dancing in 2005 after a trip to Armenia. Her foundation in belly dance comes from Marie Wilkes (IA, USA), Sujee Choi (Korea), and Nourhan Sharif (NYC, USA). Her style focuses on veils, floorwork and large movements to give a dramatic stage presence. Ashley welcomes you to enjoy dancing with her!


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