OODF workshop with Lene Dalen – Andalusian dance

Workshop with LENE DALEN

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Lene Dalen is a Norwegian instructor and coach of andalusi and egyptian dance – raqs sharqi, baladi and folklore

Andalusi dance is an elegant dance style with beautiful music and complex rhythms, inspired by the poems, music and dance of Al Andalus, when the Iberian peninsula was under Muslim rule. Oriental dancers are often only familiar with the muwashshahat and the samai rhythm, but the andalusi music is much more diverse.

In this workshop we will work on understanding music. We will get a taste of different complex rhythms, and see how we can create and adapt dance combinations to different music. This is a great tool for any oriental dancer to learn when you meet more complex and odd rhythms in oriental music. It is also a great way of working with flow and elegance, in addition to getting a taste of the beautiful andalusi style of dance.

Day: Friday February 15th
Time: 13:00-15:00
Level: Intermediate and higher
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