Real Music Academy – Dance Development Programme (Module 4)

The Real Music Academy: Live Music Dance Development Programme (Zürich) is the most comprehensive LIVE MUSIC education course in existence.  Delivered across 5 weekends by Guy Schalom (BA Honours in Music), the programme draws on Guy’s formal education in Europe and Canada as well as his Egyptian heritage to combine authentic Egyptian knowledge and wisdom with modern teaching methods suitable for European dancers.

Each weekend features detailed background knowledge and specially-devised exercises for musical and rhythmic understanding plus dance technique from invited guest teachers – each teacher bringing vast experience in their respective fields and serving as inspiration for how to work with live music.  All classes will be led by Guy Schalom and accompanied by his band with plenty of time for improvisation and personal feedback.  The goal being that you can perform with a live band confidently and have all the background information and techniques to make a perfect performance.

Prepare your body, mind and ears for that perfect live music performance!

ZeoT, Lagerstrasse 107, 8004, Zürich, Switzerland
– 5 October (12-6)
Exam | Coaching | Solo Tabla (with guest teacher) | Ayoub (with guest teacher)
– 6 October (11-5)
Egyptian Dance Classics | Oum Kalthoum | Baladi + Beyond | Live Music Practice | Performance Prep