Baladi Camp 2018

Al Farah bladet nr 89/desember 2018

Foto av Maikki Fonneløp og Kenneth Sporsheim

A complete live music dance education programme for oriental dancers. Four days of guided improvisation with instructor, dancer, band leader and Tabla master Guy Schalom (UK), with invited guest musicians. Baladi Camp is organized in Oslo, Norway.

Interview with Guy Schalom  here    –  in Norwegian

When you are ready to discover real connection to the music …
When you are ready to care more about how you feel than how you look …
When you are ready to embark on a personal journey towards YOUR truth …

Behold, there is BALADI CAMP.

Nothing compares to live music.

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Kim Farnum from UK performing at Baladi Camp.   Kim has been a student and performer of bellydance for 10 years. Based in the UK, she dances mainly as part of the Company of Dreams which, under the direction of Charlotte Desorgher, has toured England with their full length oriental show Scheherezade and 1001 nights to great acclaim.