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Dansereise til Egypt/Luxor – Let´s go to the Moulid

mars 2 @ 08:00 - mars 10 @ 17:00

Let’s go to the Moulid!!
Experience the fascinating culture and dances of Upper Egypt on our trip to Luxor from March 2-10, 2024!
During the Moulid, you immerse yourself in the traditions of Egypt and witness Tahtib, horse dancing, Mirmah, and Zikr up close! Let yourself be captivated by the lively atmosphere of this unique fair and the hypnotic rhythms of the Sufis in the evening.
In addition to the Moulid, you also have plenty of time and opportunity to get to know and deepen your knowledge of the typical folk dances of Upper Egypt with our local dance teachers and trainers. Saidi stick dancing and, in direct comparison, Tahtib – what is the difference between these two and what is the background of Tahtib? Khyriyya Mazin from the famous Banat Mazin Sisters is also waiting for you for a Ghawazee dance lesson, and Kaf Saidi, an Upper Egyptian music style with its accompanying group dance, of course, must not be missed either!
During the visits to the Noble Tombs and the Habu Temple, we dive into the fascinating world of ancient Egypt – once into everyday life and once into the world of the pharaohs and after life! Another highlight of our trip is the visit to Dendera Temple. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the wall paintings and the well-preserved colors!
And of course, there is still time for relaxation, for example, with a visit to the local market, an evening stroll through the city, or a boat trip on the Nile at sunset!
Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this country, its culture, and its people, and look forward to an unforgettable week!
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