ONLINE and IN CLASS COURSE: Mahmoud Reda Dance Legacy by Nesma

Madrid ,Spania

Mere informasjon på nettsiden til Nesma In this course organized by levels Nesma teaches the Reda technique, step by step, with its own methodology that results from many years of experience in collaborating with the teacher, teaching his technique and representing his choreography with her company. In-Class The face-to-face workshops are organized by module on

Dansereise til Egypt/Luxor – Let´s go to the Moulid

Egypt ,Egypt

Let's go to the Moulid!! Experience the fascinating culture and dances of Upper Egypt on our trip to Luxor from March 2-10, 2024! During the Moulid, you immerse yourself in the traditions of Egypt and witness Tahtib, horse dancing, Mirmah, and Zikr up close! Let yourself be captivated by the lively atmosphere of this unique

Magiske Marrakech Yogareise, Reiki, velvære, hammam (+ magedans)

Marrakech ,Marokko

Tidspunkt: 13. – 20. April 2024 - Varighet: 8 dager / 7 netter PRIS: Kr 23 900,- i delt rom Kr 25 900,- i enkeltrom Kr 25 900,- i delt suite/leilighet Kr 28 900,- i privat suite/ leilighet Plasser: 10 Gled deg til: Yoga i soloppgang-Magiske Marrakech-Hammam & massasje-Reiki kurs nivå 1 med Iris-Magedanskurs for

Danish Open Bellydance 2024

Glostruphallen Stadionvej 80,Glostrup,Danmark

Event på Facebook Come and join us when Noura & Merrild presents the 13th edition of Danish Open Bellydance 8-10 November in Glostrup/Copenhagen, Denmark – EVERYONE are more than welcome. During the weekend we have the pleasure to welcome Jillian’s Bellydance Evolution experience (BDEx) with the dance performance ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with an international cast

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